5 Basic Habits That Will Change Your Life To Make Your Career Better

Following are some basic habits that will change your life. You must follow these for self-improvement.

1. Blocking out Sunday in my planners although this was a decision prompted by personal choices, I think that some of you can relate to this. During my undergrad I used whole, entire weekends to study and prepare classes for the following week. This made me feel like my weekends were more about work than free time and ended up being a very stressful time where I was stuck at home trying to accomplish the study goals I had set up for myself. When I moved out a few months ago, I started spending more time alone at home and since I didn’t have to commute to college any more, I had gained back a few several hours a week to do productive work. As of 2020, I made a resolution to block Sundays from my calendars and planners and by blocking I mean not even referring to the existence of that day. In my weekly spreads, the week goes from Monday to Saturday and then starts on Monday again. That was my way of fighting the need to fill Sundays with work and college related tasks and use it as good quality spent with my family, my friends, and also with myself, without having to plan.

2. I found my perfect studying  time I have always been a morning person but somehow I ended up fighting it by trying to study at night and trying to wake up late to make up for the time I wasn’t properly sleeping. Something that really improved my life lately was stop battling my morning productiveness and getting up even earlier and do more in the morning. I use that time to hit the gym right after breakfast, do all the clean-up around the house and do creative work, like writing essays. On the other hand, embracing productivity in the morning also allowed me to have a more relaxing routine at night after class. That’s when I now try to do all of my journaling, reading and meal prepping for the following day.

3. Learning to meal prep and cook my meals and snacks Since I just mentioned meal prepping, saving half an hour each day to prepare my meals and snacks for the following day really improved my life as a student. From my energy levels to my overall disposition, I really feel that bringing a home cooked meal with me to college and some healthy snacks instead of resorting to the food they serve in campus, contributes daily to my overall wellbeing, makes me feel healthier and really pays off in the long run.

4. Getting rid of Facebook although this was something I wanted to do for a while, I only had the courage to delete my Facebook account in December 2019 and I can say without a doubt, that it was the smallest, biggest decisions I made in the past year. As soon as that was gone, I started picking up my phone way less, going online while working on my laptop was no longer a problem and suddenly I was recovering hours per week spent scrolling, hours that I started using for things that I loved, things that calmed me or developed me as a person. On the other hand, it also eliminated a big chunk of my distractions while in class and while at home and being productive became far easier.

5. Accept and incorporate a more minimalist lifestyle for everyone who is involved in the studying community on several social media, there can be a high amount of pressure involved to master note taking techniques, buying new pens and notebooks and restart your planners almost monthly. That’s a terrible mistake, since a good student does not need tons of supplies to succeed or dozens of different study methods to succeed. Try to filter what you see on social media and understand what is important and what you should be investing in. Don’t feel the need to buy a new pack of pens every two weeks, or start pulling up notebooks just for the sake of it. Allowing yourself to understand what is enough is fundamental to get you started on your personal development journey and that applies to college and studying routines as well.

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