Best Way To Treat Hemorrhoids At Home Or Piles Cure In 3 Days

For curing of piles (hemorrhoids), i will tell you 11 different home remedies in this article. Get piles cure in 3 days.

Amla, aloe vera, or bitter gourd, drink juice of one of these daily. Apart from these, whenever you get a chance, drink radish or grape juice. Black grapes would be more beneficial. Remove the leaves of radish for its juice. Drink juice from the white part only. Soak 6 or 7 munakka in water overnight. In the morning, break them and take out their seeds. Seeds of munakka are not good for health. Remove the seeds, eat the remaining parts and drink water over them.

Beneficial foods for curing piles are: Carrots, Indian squash, oatmeal, papaya, pears, apples, figs, and green vegetables. Spinach is especially good among green vegetables. Increase the amount of these things in your food.

(Avoid) Fried, roasted, chilly, spicy, and heating foods; and if possible, red chillies, garam masala, khatai, brinjal, and pickles, should be reduced until piles is cured. Tea, coffee, or any other heating food like those are not beneficial in piles.

Most people suffer from hemorrhoids due to constipation. When constipation is not cured for a long time, it leads to hemorrhoids and other diseases. A major reason for constipation is poor eating habits. Food should be eaten very slowly, and chewed extensively. It should take at least 20 minutes to eat a meal.

Besides these, coconut husk can be used. Take it out and burn it. After burning, sieve its powder. Eat this powder all three times, half an hour before meals. Keep the quantity equal to a teaspoon. Take it with buttermilk before breakfast and lunch. Take it with water before dinner.

There is one more remedy in case of severe hemorrhoids. Do this in case of severe hemorrhoids only. About the quantity of one chickpea, take edible camphor. Keep in mind that edible camphor is different from the one used in worshiping. Take a small piece of banana and place the edible camphor inside it. Then, swallow this piece of banana. Camphor should not be chewed. Chewing camphor causes damage to teeth. So, swallow the banana piece directly. Do this remedy for three to four days.

Some other things that should be taken care of in piles are these. Start drinking water in the morning. Do not drink water half an hour before eating and one hour after it. Do not eat food or drink water while standing, and don’t eat heavy food at night.

Kapal bhati, bhastrika, and anulom vilom doing these three pranayama gives benefits in hemorrhoids and many other diseases. These three have many advantages but do them only under supervision of a yoga instructor. These are very powerful yoga. Doing them incorrectly can lead to problems, instead.

If you want to take Ayurvedic medicine, from Patanjali Arshkalpvati, Kayakalpvati, and Abhyarishtha, these three medicine are available. These can also be taken. If hemorrhoids are not cured by any means, then do see doctor. Hemorrhoids become more dangerous when left uncured. It also poses a threat to future generations, and other diseases also arise from it. So don’t ignore it.

If you also suffering from severe hemorrhoids then you must follow the above treatment. I give you simple home remedies for bleeding hemorrhoids, piles remedy, piles treatment at home in hindi.

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