Career In Digital Marketing – Salary, Courses, Job Prospect

Today, I would be talking about why career in digital marketing is important. How much salary you get, what courses are available, what jobs are available, etc. Before I tell you about Digital Marketing, I would like to explain about Marketing. Be it any business, small scale or large private sector or public sector Or if you have a grocery shop, salon,  online coaching hotel or restaurant. Any Business! Every business needs marketing. There are 2 major types of Marketing.

Firstly, Traditional Marketing

The most common examples of Traditional Marketing are seen on the roads in the form of billboards, pamphlets,  posters,  standees or an ad in the newspaper.

Second, Digital Marketing

Marketing activities done online, for example – Google, Facebook, Instagram, Emails all of them are a part of Digital Marketing.

Let’s take for example that I want to run an ad in the newspaper for a day to promote my courses I ask the newspaper vendor for an analysis as to how many people have watched this ad, I also would like to know as to which part of the city are my customers who’ve seen my ad and I won’t get my answers, as I used Traditional Marketing. On the contrary in Digital Marketing, if I run an ad on Google, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn, I would get a detailed report as to who saw my ad? What is their age group? What are their interests? At what time did they see my ad and on which platform did they see my ad? So, if you use Digital Marketing for your own business or for your work place. You can go ahead and measure results and take corrective measures.

The next important factor is pricing, Take any form of Traditional Marketing method and compare it with Digital Marketing’s the former tends to be more expensive. There are different topics covered in Digital Marketing and when you enroll yourself for a course. You would find these topics: Let’s assume you search on Google for “coding classes for kids” The first results to appear would have a text written as “AD” before it. Below that would see business listings, where you can contact them and below that are a few more results. So the very first results which we saw are called Ads which are run through Google Ads. Also known as PPC (Pay Per Click) OR SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Next, Business Listings are known as Local SEO and the results below that are organic results which are an outcome of SEO (Search Engine Optimization). So if your business has a website or if you want to rank your webpages on Google’s Search Engine Result Page, then SEO is done.

Next major topic: Social Media Marketing – You might have an account on Facebook or Instagram. And while surfing through your timeline on them you see a very different post which doesn’t belong to anyone you follow and you wonder how you are seeing it. This post is an outcome of the business, who are doing social media marketing for their business. On Facebook’s/Instagram’s timeline or stories along with a lot of options available to choose from. Similarly when you are watching videos on YouTube, You see ads before, in the middle or at the end of the video. That too is a part of Google ads and you can run those video ads for your business to promote your products and services.

Many institutes also teach you how to build a website be it for yourself or your client. You receive a lot of emails daily, this is a part of Digital Marketing known as Email Marketing.

Recently you might have witnessed some trending posts in which people are sharing screenshots from people where they have shared the amount of money they’ve earned as much as 20,000 or 30,000 i.e. Affiliate Marketing. When you go ahead and promote the products and services of a business and as a reward, you get a percentage of the commission for your efforts for the products sold.

All these major topics are taught in a Digital Marketing Course. Most commonly asked quested: What is the age criteria to enroll for this course? In my opinion, the minimum age is 15 years and no limit for maximum age. It doesn’t matter which stream of educational field you belong to. Even if you’ve done Arts, Science, Commerce OR any other field Digital Marketing Course is OPEN TO ALL. So even if you’ve studied till 10th grade or PhD both are eligible. So if you’re a businessman dealing in garments, groceries, salon, restaurant, hotel, real estate etc. With the help of Digital Marketing, you get a Global Audience. You can easily promote your products/services in any part of the world. This is the power of Digital Marketing!

Given the current situation, every business is embracing the digital approach. Even your competitor is, imagine the profit he would make and the loss you might incur in case if you decide you don’t take the digital leap. If you’re planning to I would advise you to start with a website, but if you think a website isn’t necessary then I would suggest you to start with Social Media Marketing Start by creating your social media profile and be responsible to grow your business on the digital platform. If you’re a student the only thing holding you back from pursuing this course is thinking about the salary you’ll earn and get a job.

So, let’s start with salary In India, the starting salary for a Digital Marketing professional is 160,000 to 240,000. There are a lot of jobs. As most of the businesses are taking their business online they are in need of professionals to take care of their digital presence. The Demand is exceeding Supply and yes there are a lot of jobs and this is the right choice for students. If you’re a housewife and you’re planning to start your career then Digital Marketing is the best start. Many institutes are now teaching online and you can learn from the comfort of your home. If you already have a business which is digital, you can start a second income after doing your Digital Marketing Course. You can take Digital Marketing freelance as a second source of income.

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