Immunity Booster Coronil Patanjali Medicine Honest Review

Hello friends, in this article, i shall be talking about Corona kit. For Corona disease, baba ramdev has launched a coronil patanjali medicine, in which he has included 3 medicines: According to him, these 3 medicines should be taken, both for prevention and cure of Corona.

First of all, I will clear a doubt. Many people think that they only need to take the one medicine named, CORONIL. This is not true. Along with Coronil, there are 2 more medicines in this pack, which they need to take, These other 2 medicines are: Anu Oil and Swasari Vati. You need to take all these 3 medicines for both prevention and cure. You can buy them together in a pack or as single items also.

Now, i shall tell you one by one about each of them: their ingredients, dosage etc.

First, Let’s Talk About Coronil

Coronil is a bottle of 80 tablets. This medicine is made of 3 ingredients: Ashwagandha, Giloy and Tulsi. In each tablet, quantity of ashwagandha and giloy is higher compared to tulsi. This medicine, Coronil, is mainly to boost your immunity. Its individual price in Indian rupees is 400/- , which according to me is higher (almost double) if we compare it with other patanjali’s products. I think that is a clever business move as people are scared of Corona. If Coronil had been launched under normal circumstances, then i feel its price would have been Rs 200/- only. But still its pricing is very economical, if we compare it to Corona cure cost in hospitals, where people would have to spend in thousands or lacs. So, i find it’s a good product.

Now, there are two confusions which many people may face.

First confusion can be , suppose you are already taking products like giloy, tulsi , amla , fruits or some other immunity boosting products Then you may wonder if you still need to take Coronil or not. I suggest in that case, there is no need to take Coronil. It is your choice to take it or not. Its recommended dosage is 2 tablets twice daily. You can take that dosage. However, i feel for prevention, taking 2 tablets once in a day is enough. For Corona positive patient, however, dosage should be 2 tablets twice daily.

Second confusion you may face is that due to high demand, these medicines may be unavailable in your area. In that case, there is nothing to worry about. Have a look at its ingredients: Giloy, Tulsi, Ashwagandha. If Coronil is unavailable, then you can also buy these 3 ingredients seperately. You can buy Giloy Ghanvati @Rs 100/- , Tulsi Ghanvati @Rs 100/- and a pack of 10 Ashwagandha capsules @ Rs 50/-. In this case, dosage should be 1 giloy tablet once daily, 1 tulsi tablet also once daily. However, i suggest to take 1 ashwagandha capsule every alternate day, not daily. This is because we need to be careful with higher dose of ashwagandha, about which i have explained in a seperate article about ashwagandha.

Now, We Come To The 2nd Medicine Of This Kit. This Is Swasari Vati

This is also a pack of 80 tablets at a reasonable price of Rs 120/- only. This medicine is mainly to strengthen your respiratory system and for cold, cough, fever etc. So, this will also strengthen your immunity. Its dosage is same as Coronil. This medicine is a mixture of 16 ingredients as shown on screen. For children below 13 years, dosage for all medicines should be half of recommended dosage. I suggest you should buy Swasari vati also. It is a good product.

Now, We Can See The 3rd Medicine Of This Pack. This Product Is Anu Oil

Its Price is very reasonable, only Rs 25/-. It is an old patanjali product, which is now in a new packing. This is a mixture of around 20-22 ingredients. This is an oil and you need to put 2-3 drops of this oil in each nostril of your nose, once daily. After putting these drops in your nose, you should lie down on a bed and let the oil go inside. Massage the area around your nose gently as shown. The oil will slowly go inside your nose and throat. So, do not spit the oil out of mouth. Let it go inside. This oil will prove beneficial for your head, ears, eyes, nose, throat area It kills the bacteria/virus inside and has multiple benefits. I also recommend you to buy and use Anu Oil.

Overall, i would recommend this kit. It is quite useful. Its total price is 400 + 120 + 25 = 545 Rs. So, use  these 3 products and in case they are unavailable , then as explained earlier , you can buy Coronil ingredients : giloy, tulsi ,ashwagandha seperately and use them and in case of other 2 medicines, there are alternatives also available in patanjali and other brands like Divya Swasari pravahi , Sri Sri anu oil etc. So, you can buy these substitutes from an ayurvedic shop in case of unavailability of divya swasari vati and anu oil. Friends, do share your experiences with us, after using Corona kit.

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