Tell Me About Yourself – Interview Question Answer

Hey guys. Today, we are going to search for an appropriate answer to the most common interview question. “Tell me about yourself”, if you are gearing up for your HR interview and as a fresher to the process you’re searching for your right answer to the question and how to crack. The HR interview you’ve landed the right place. All the interviews start with the questions tell me something about yourself and your good answer to this question will decide the rest of your interview as well as will put your first impression on the table for the interview.

So in this article we are going to cover how to start answering this question? What are you should include inside this question as well as how you close or end this question? We will cover how we can greet the interviewer. Giving the personal details to the interviewer and telling about our education qualifications. Then we will also cover. How can we tell about our projects and intentions which we have undertaken? Remember not to jump directly to your name or do not say things like I am a cricket fan, I love watching movie or any such thing in the beginning.

So let’s start with greeting your interviewer. When remembering to be polite in your answer it is good to start with a little gratitude for an interviewer. So start as good morning, ma’am, and thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. And then move on to your name and native location telling about your native location will give a hint to the interviewer for your preferable choice of placement location. For example, I’m Kajal and I’m from Delhi. And though this might be on your resume. It is good to tell about your qualifications. Continuing to tell about different internships or projects. We have undertaken at different places. Remember, this is an HR interview. So it is not very important to go into the details of your Qualifications or the projects and it or internships and taken and until and unless you’re asked by the interviewer. For example, I’ve done my B.Tech from Delhi University in Information Technology. Then I have done six months of internship in TCS Bangalore there. I have learned various technical and non-technical skills Also, I have practically worked on skills like UNIX, MySQL and many more.

If you have noticed I Did not go into the details in the example, but at the same time I have highlighted different skills that I have possessed during my qualifications or in the internships. I have undertaken it is good to finish this question with telling something about what you do in your spare time or in your personal time. This will help interviewer in getting to know what you are personally. So, for example, I can say I love Traveling or I love watching movies during weekends or my holidays. Remember even though you might have a lot of hobbies or you might enjoy doing a lot of things, it is not necessary here.

Tell your interviewer about all those lot of things. Putting a complete answer to the question tell me something about yourself – go as good morning, ma’am And thank you for giving me this opportunity to introduce myself. I am Kajal from Delhi. I have done my B.Tech in Information Technology from Delhi University. I have done six months of internship from TCS, Bangalore Where, I’ve learnt various technical as well as non-technical skills. Also, I’ve practically worked on different technicalities like MySQL, Java and UNIX. I Love travelling as well as I love watching movies on weekends. Take your hints and tips from here and do practice for your HR interview. First Question – Tell me something about yourself? So if you want last minute job interview preparation tips for freshers, then visit our website, there you get a series of interview question and answers.

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