Tips On How To Concentrate On Studies For Long Hours

Hi guys, Today I will discuss how can we increase our concentration. I’ll give you 10 tips on how to concentrate on studies for long hours. These tips are very helpful not only for students but for everyone, who wants to work more effectively.  

Many huge chapters and being stuck at one page after whole day, it is very demotivating and you feel tired or you feel like I am not made for it and all stuff. The simplest solution is to read fast. If you say your reading speed is too slow, you don’t have to read everything in detail you just need to read the definitions carefully and everything else superficially in the first go. It becomes easier to study once you are familiar with the topic and will feel satisfied mentally. So, you don’t need to spend more than 2 minutes on one page and 5-10 pages in one go just to know the important things of that topic.

My second tip would be to read in your mother tongue. You might say how can read an English book in my mother tongue. So how do I read it so fast? If your book is in English, then I am sure you won’t be so comfortable in pure Hindi. So, you have to read the book in a way like we converse with people develop a habit of translating the words which are easier to learn or understand. I’ll give you an example, first we will read in English and in Hindi afterwards when you are reading your whole body is inactive and after some time you get bored and start feeling dull and start searching for something else to do. This creates distractions. So an easy method is to write and loudly speak, whatever you are reading definitely write the important points because you’ll learn it quickly by emphasizing on that thing and while speaking, you are involving senses other than your eyes. Instead of reaching out for your phone or laptop start reading out loudly for your brain to know you are doing something. Sometimes speaking out loud is also not helping and everything gets really boring. Then do some activity while you are reading I used to learn my difficult topics with the help of bouncing crazy ball. This made my body active and in exam time is used to recall the scene of playing with ball and what all I learnt at that time these things gets associated with your mind and your body gets active. So it doesn’t feel so boring. If you don’t have those big books, then you can do some activities.

Then another good time to do these activities is while taking break after 1 hour study session. You can quiz yourself while doing these activities. Do not switch on your phone and this is my next point Quiz yourself. Generally, studying is very boring like we said we should read 10 pages. But after that, when you ask yourself what all you have studied and revise all the events in sequences. This makes it very easy to learn and understand. Our mind finds 3 types of concepts very easy – First, you’ll see I say everything in points. So that you could remember at least 2-3 points. If I say everything continuously, then you might miss some important piece of information. Similarly, it is easier to learn answers. It is much easier to learn if something is associated with a story I learnt it from my 10th standard social studies teacher. She used to give a question on every paragraph and then divided it into points. So, it was very easy to learn the long paragraph which seemed like impossible to learn. You don’t need to learn the whole line you just have to learn the important points.

Other than this you can try questions’ method or story. In fact, you can start imagining what you are reading you’ll learn quickly if you form images in your mind and weirder the imagination, easier it becomes. So we said you have to speak, walk, etc. for you to be in active state of mind. But sometimes, still you are alone and you feel like you are not able to do well.

Study with a friend you can connect with a friend through a video conference or on a call and study with them. Don’t start studying when you are on call. In fact, teach him what all you studied because when you teach your concepts are clearer and maybe you can also clear your doubts.

Now, you have to learn, revise and then test yourself. You always have to follow this cycle. First you have to read, then learn, then revise and then you have to test yourself what should be your interval for these? Let’s say you did all these 4 things today – Reading, Learning, Revising and Testing. After that, you have to revise within one week or else you’ll forget all the concepts. Sometimes you know that you’ve learnt everything. But, if after 2 weeks, somebody asks you a question you are unable to recall things. This happens because after some time some concepts starts fading from your brain. If you can revise within 72 hours, then it’s awesome. But, if not, then you have to revise after a week Whenever you are making your timetable, keep in mind that it would be of no use, if there is no plan for revision and just study.

Next point is distractions. This is so obvious thing, keep your phone aside! Stay away from all other distractions. Try to keep your area clean and see there’s no other thing to distract you. But side by side you have to train your brain no 5 minutes, not even 2 minutes. Whenever you want to see your phone ask yourself to answer the question first ask yourself to first complete this one page and then see the message Train your brain to study first   You can use phone after you’ve completed your target. But again, discipline is very much required. It is good to avoid televisions and mobile phones as much as possible and use it for something educational your brain doesn’t get dull and you get to learn something new.

To Procrastination is not an option I’ve made a very detailed article on how to make a routine, how and where to study. If you can think only about your target for one month, things would be very easy “Be clear about your focus! Be clear about your goal”.

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